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On The Corner is a place dedicated to the empowerment of black and brown voices. We are the platform for our people to connect on our issues, hear our perspectives, from our content creators. We welcome podcast hosts, film makers, and content writers to build this with us. We welcome everyone to come and take part in the conversations as we speak about the issues that matter to us. 

You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.

- Malcolm X

Our Mission

On The Corner was created to provide a platform that amplifies black and brown voices.

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Our Mission

Our Vision

On The Corner  is a place for black and brown voices to be heard, and share their views with the world.  It’s a place to come to connect and discuss topics from a perspective that we can relate to and encourage healthy conversations. It’s built for US, by US, but is not just for US. We want to educate each other by having conversations, sharing stories, and facing the harsh realities of being black and brown in America.

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