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All Mixed Up

Welcome to the All Mixed Up podcast, where she’s in this skin, and he’s all in. Join hosts Erika and Jeremy as they explore dating, marriage, family, and life period through the       lens of interracial love and commitment. No topic is out of bounds in this delightfully        eclectic podcast that seeks to find the intersections of all topics that affect                          relationships between black and white people. 


          What’s it like for a slightly (yeah, we’ll go with slightly) goofy white boy to try to                let a beautiful black queen know that he’d like to talk to her? We gotchu.                            How do you deal with family reactions to bringing someone home of a                              different race? We gotchu. Who calls the shots when it comes to raising a family?         We gotchu. How do you keep the lines of communication open when it seems like the world is splitting in half along a predominantly black and white seam? We. Got. You

Dearly beloved, we are gathering on the corner to talk about how to get through this thing called life. Take this trip with us, if you please.

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