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Erika and Jeremy Holmes are the hosts of the acclaimed (we’re claiming it, y’all) podcast: All Mixed Up. They are both from North Carolina, but life and interests have taken them all over the country and, in Erika’s case, across the pond to Merry Olde England. Erika received her BA in Psychology from NC State University, and her Masters in School Counseling from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (AGGIE PRIDE!). She is flexing her black girl magic as owner and operator of The Studio, a new dance studio in Greensboro, NC, and would love to complete her internship hours to become a licensed marriage and family therapist one day. Jeremy received his BA in English from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and has taught English and history to 8th-12th graders for most of the last 17 years. They are Happily Married with four beautiful daughters and work everyday to maintain an amazing relationship with each other and their children. In this life together, she’s in this skin, and he’s all in.

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