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Fatima Renee, is a proud owner of herself with all her truths and flaws. It was only through my own therapy that I was able to recognize and own the greatness within myself. I started therapy initially because of the military but during my sessions, I began to realize through all my years of “living” I was LIVING for everyone that I held a title for, (mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend) but I was only existing for Fatima. In therapy and walking in my truth Fatima Renee’ emerged. In this, I realized how important it was for me to walk proudly in who I AM, a proud Air Force Veteran, an Amazon Best-Selling Co-Author, a business owner, a life and financial coach, and so much more. If the door had not been opened for me to find myself again, my life would have been unfulfilled, and now I am on the second wave of living my BEST LIFE!

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