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Hey Ya’ll, I’m Renata! Ambivert southerner straight out of Kentucky but current
California transplant. I hold many roles in my life with my primaries being Christian,
Wife, #Girl&BoyMom, Sister, and Friend, ah yes, in that order! As a working
professional I am an Associate Clinical Social Worker, Lifestyle Coach, Young Adult
Pastor and Mentor that has a passion for working with married couples and individuals
suffering from trauma. Though it took some time for me to live in ‘my life’s sweet spot,’ I
believe now that every experience I have had, the joyous ones, the upsetting ones, the
moments when I felt defeated, judged, targeted, or professionally limited, they have all
led to this moment in time and I can say emphatically that those pleasant and painful
experiences truly helped to define me, motivate me, and most importantly give me the
drive and grit needed to succeed in faith, for self, family, and community. I cannot
discount what being an USAF veteran has afforded me but I certainly see that it
afforded me an opportunity to gain wisdom, leadership, and a professional acumen that
as a young woman I could have only dreamed of. That one decision changed the
course of my life and truly helped shape my passion for servanthood.

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